ProHMI user interface

Simple, flexible operation without programming skills

Intuitive user interface

The ProHMI user interface developed in-house is the visualisation package for the entire PROMOT Automation product range.

The operation of gantries, robots and pallet systems is therefore always standardised, which reduces the need for training and simplifies the teaching-in of new workpieces and fault diagnosis.

With ProHMI, not only the operation but also the motion programming is designed to be control-neutral. All motion sequences no longer have to be programmed in the control-specific manufacturer languages. Instead, ProHMI translates the motion tasks into the syntax of the respective manufacturer. PROMOT Automation has collected and adapted the best programming approaches for movements for this purpose.

Teach programmes with taught-in positions as well as parameter programmes with automatically calculated coordination points can be implemented.

Teach programme

With the teach programme, a new parameter set is created for a new workpiece via optical teach-in. A predefined sequence is automatically executed by the gantry loader, leaving the operator with the task of approaching and confirming the individual gripping points. Optical teaching is particularly useful for repeat parts and unknown future workpieces.

Parameter programme

A parameter programme is created for part families or geometrically identical parts. The coordination points are not taught in manually, but are calculated automatically by the control system. This enables efficient programming of a known range of parts with minimum effort.

By using this cross-control motion programming, you can design efficient processes in a much simpler way and adapt them to your production processes at any time – without the need for special programming skills.




By integrating the robot controller into ProHMI, the robot manufacturer’s operator panel can be omitted. This means that no knowledge of the robot controller is required and manufacturer-specific robot training is no longer necessary for every operator. The entire system can be controlled with just one handheld control unit – the PROMOT HT11.


You benefit from the seamless integration of image processing, which we offer you from a single source – PROMOT Automation employs their own experts for this purpose. By integrating image processing into ProHMI, you can view live images directly during production and teach in new components without additional image processing software knowledge. It does not matter whether it is a gantry or robot automation system.


The safety controller is already integrated in the main cell controller, meaning that the PLC and safety programme are combined in one software environment. The fail-safe control system (TwinSafe with Beckhoff, F-CPU with Siemens) makes troubleshooting easier for the maintenance staff. This saves time and reduces system downtimes.

Operating devices with ProHMI – perfectly adjusted to requirements

We offer a wide range of operating devices for displaying the visualisation on the system – mobile or stationary. Regardless of the display format, they all feature a standardised user interface and support users in their daily work with robustness, performance and sophisticated functions. This added value helps every employee to work efficiently, safely and with motivation.

Choose from the different variants:

  • Industrial PC as a central operating point (18″-24″)
  • Touchscreen as extended operating point (18″-24″)
  • PROMOT HT11 mobile hand-held operating device (10.1″) – optimised for movement control
  • Customer workstation


Only a single mobile hand-held operating device is required to control and operate the entire automation system (robots, magazines, stations).
The combination of robot and system control creates a standardised operating concept for all cell and robot functions. This enables easy handling and requires only minimal training for the operator. In addition, there is no need for manufacturer-specific robot training, which saves time and money.
If production requirements change, modifications and additions can be easily implemented. ProHMI is also ideal for setting up new components.
The user does not require any special knowledge of manufacturer-specific robot programming.
Remote maintenance access to all functions - cell control, safety control and robot control are combined in one interface.
For automotive customers, we offer the Siemens Transline standard as an alternative to ProHMI.


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