Stacking cell

Modularly adaptable
to your project

PROMOT stacking cell- available as a standard module in the modular system in various standard sizes

No task is quite like another. As a modular system, the PROMOT Cellmaster CM can be adapted to meet any requirements. In addition to expansion modules for additional cells, various basket provisioning options are also available. Using a decoupling module makes it possible, for example, to change baskets during operation without creating any waiting time for the loading system. The modularity is not limited to the mechanics – the Cellmaster will adapt to your existing logistics systems with standardized software processes.

The basic module is equipped with 3 chambers which are directly accessible through sliding doors. This allows you to react quickly to production changes without having to wait for the entire stack to be restacked each time. Remove semi-finished stacks, load a new stock stack and done! Each finished part chamber is sealed off by a slide guard, so the stacks can be changed without interrupting the production process.

The respective finished part chamber is always sealed off by a sliding guard so that the stacks can be changed without interrupting the production process.

The following standardized software sequences are possible:

  • Standard sequence
  • Standard sequence with basket on the sliding guard for filling and emptying operations
  • Gap collection in the topmost basket
  • Single basket sequence
  • Single stack sequence


High degree of autonomy due to the stacking of workpieces.
Mechanical design and software modularly adaptable to your individual logistics and production processes.
Quick reaction time to changing production requirements due to direct access to all stacking positions.
Standard dimensions:
400 x 600 mm
600 x 800 mm
800 x 1,200 mm

Typical applications

Standard stacking cell 600x400mm

Standard stacking cell for 600 x 400 mm mesh baskets with 3 chambers. The movable sliding guard enables uninterrupted operation without downtime when changing stacks. 


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