ProDNC Connector

Take your automation to the next level

Integrate the machine tool with your automation

The ProDNC Connector software module takes your automation to the next level. It allows all important functions of the processing machine to be controlled by the PROMOT system control. This includes, for example, automatically transferring and starting an NC programme to the machine control as well as monitoring the tool life in the machine. This enables completely unmanned and flexible operation of the system, even if batch changes are necessary.

NC programmes are not only transferred to the processing machine, but also selected and started. If these are changed on the machine, they can also be transferred back and saved as a new version. A connection to central NC programme databases is also possible. This enables convenient management of your NC programmes and only the currently valid and active programme is available on each processing machine.

Tools can be read out from the processing machine including all relevant data, in particular tool life data. A tool difference can be created based on previous machining operations to see wheter the remaining tool life will be sufficient for the next machining operation. If a tool is missing or the remaining tool life is too short, the system automatically switches to the production of another workpiece. This means that your processing machine is always optimally utilised. In addition, the tool difference provides a list of tools that are not required  currently to ensure efficient use of the tool magazine.



  • Transferring and selecting NC programmes
  • Starting NC programmes
  • Backup NC programmes
  • Reading out tool data
  • Creating a tool difference list
  • Tool unloading list of tools not required


Programmes are transferred automatically - Security
Consistent data management
Better tool management planning
Higher utilisation of machine capacity
For automated data exchange with the machining unit.


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