Host computer for
flexible manufacturing

Job order control for pallet, workpiece and tool handling

Ensuring optimum processes and timely completion of all job orders, the ProSYS host computer software is the heart of your flexible manufacturing processes. Manually and automatically job orders can also be run in mixed operation. ProSYS takes over the control of the robots and gantries as well as the control of all connected processing machines. It does not matter whether the automation handles pallets, workpieces or even tools. Not only machining units can be integrated but also measuring devices, washing or labelling stations – from any machine manufacturer.

Standard features

The ProSYS host computer takes over the processing of production orders, regardless of whether large batches or batch size 1 are being produced. The comprehensive function package ensures that a wide range of unmanned production processes and production strategies can be realised:

  • Production and job order planning
  • Process management
  • Pallet and pallet type management
  • Integrated ProDNC Connector
  • Automatic versioning of NC programmes
  • Tool difference list incl. residual life calculation
  • Plant and production overview
  • Different operator authorisations
  • Simply designed user interface with extensive diagnostic options
  • Fast database with automatic data backup




NC programmes are automatically transferred to the processing machine, selected and started using the integrated ProDNC Connector. Production orders can be imported fully automatically from the ERP, MES and CAD/CAM system. Comprehensive feedback on the job order progress of the system can also be realised. Numerous other interfaces can be implemented according to customer requirements:

  • Integrated ProDNC Connector
  • ERP connectivity with import and export function
  • Interface to MES, ERP and CAD/CAM systems
  • Connection and interfaces to many third-party systems possible (Kardex, TDM, WinTool, Virtek, etc.)

Optional features

Thanks to the modular structure of ProSYS, additional functions can be implemented at any time and therefore different production strategies can be realised. The ProSYS host computer can manage not only all pallets and devices in the system, but also the material. For serialised parts, it is possible to track parts with a history over the entire system cycle from the raw part to the finished part:

  • Material management incl. parts tracking
  • Fixture and device type management
  • NC programme management
  • Automatic display of setup documents and images
  • Our newly developed WebHMI user interface enables browser-based monitoring of the system via PC, tablet or smartphone

Central tool storage

With ProSYS and the central Toolmaster magazine, the processing machine is automatically loaded with the required tools and can continue production even after a tool breakage. Thanks to this combination, flexible and unmanned production is possible, even for small batch sizes over many hours or days.

  • Tool management with calculation
  • Optimised tool transport
  • Automatic exchange of sister tools
  • Calculation of utilisation time based on CAD/CAM data
  • Automatic tool feedback and tool orders


Thanks to the modular design of the ProSYS host computer, additional and customised functions can be implemented at any time.
Easy, intuitive operation. Thanks to the server-client architecture, several operating points can be set up in production.
You can see at a glance how busy the system is with orders. The order planning is updated and kept up to date for each order.
Implementation of transparency in production (How long does the machine run in unmanned operation? Are there sufficient tools in the machining unit?)
ProSYS continuously checks all the resources required for production, such as pallets, devices, tools, raw materials and much more, in line with your processes.
Machine manufacturer-independent - with individual, customised interface solutions. The user interface for the operator is always the same.
With ProSYS, different batch sizes, multiple clamping, item-, process- or pallet-orientated production are possible - controlled by the operator or fully automated in unmanned operation.
ProSYS prioritises differently depending on the production mode. In this way, disruptive factors such as tool breakage or clamping errors are treated differently and quality and productivity are maximised.
With ProSYS, production becomes a powerful and efficient process.


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